Who we are


Memosoft is the international brand, created by Memórias, lead by RUI MENDES, and created in the 90`s as a software company, specialized in custom products for different type of services.


RUI MENDES is the main programmer of the products we have created, and the one getting solution for all requests coming to us.

Based in Portugal, our first steps into sport and canoeing were made in 2003 with the sign of a long-term contract with the Portuguese Canoe Federation.

In 2004 we run our first international event at the Canoe marathon World cup and in 2009 we did our first World championships also in Canoe Marathon with the Portuguese Canoe Federation.

In 2012 we were the official timing providers at the Canoe Sprint Juniors & Under 23 European championships. At that time, timing in Canoeing was still something hard to accomplish, without companies dedicated to this sport.

In 2013 and after invitation from Canadian organizers of the Junior World Championships, following our job in 2012, we did our first abroad event in canoeing and the success of that event lead us to where we are today, being one of the top companies dedicated to timing and event management in Canoeing.


Meanwhile rowing has also become part of our work, with a long-term contract now also with the Portuguese Rowing Federation.

Between 2013 and 2021 we have dedicated not only to Canoe Sprint but also to Canoe Ocean racing, Canoe Marathon and Canoe Polo and have been official timing provider in most of the European and World events.


MARCOS OLIVEIRA is the main promoter of the company and the person making the bridge with the different organizations. His background is a degree in Sports Management, and he is a person with vast knowledge in the IT area, being his hobby since childhood.

Adding to this the experience acquired leading all internationals events in Portugal in the last almost two decades, and his goal of bringing new things and technology to this sport, he is the element inside the company responsible for the progression and growth of our services.


NAME: Rui Mendes
AGE: 48
JOB: CEO & Programmer

NAME: Marcos Oliveira
AGE: 40
JOB: Photofinish expert, event management and developing



Memosoft is not doing events by itself. We count with a few persons and partners, to whom we pass our passion and dedication.
With them we can provide and develop more services, specially into webdesign, TV graphics, TV broadcasting and Hardware.

Our friends Pedro and João were the key to the creation of our base timing hardware and nothing will be possible without their work and help.

Since the first initiatives, Spotfokus were around, developing frontend and backend web components for the projects and PontoPR has brought know-how in server side solutions as a response to the increasingly demanding at this level.


Publiradio is our partner in everything related to TV broadcasting and hardware related to sports presentation and it has been a great adventure and pleasure to work with Armando and his crew.

Not less important, our friends at gotv, a TV graphics dedicated company with extremely competent persons we share most of onsite hours and days. A true help in the development of this area!

André Almeida is our leading resource manager for all GPS related topics and was also connected to our first web projects.

Finally we cannot forget Tractrac and Alge timing, our official timing suppliers, with custom made solutions and always ready for new challenges.