Szeged 2023

Last week Memosoft was in Hungary, in the city of Szeged in charge for timing and scoring for the opening Canoe Sprint world cup of the season.
What an honor to be doing this event for the first time at this mythical venue, for many reasons called Mecca of Canoe Sprint.
And what a big race this was, more than 200 starts and more than 50 countries and +700 paddlers, among them also the paracanoe world cup.

This event was the premiere for the new Single boats Olympic new progressions with two major events doing for the first time, A and  B Semifinals.

Memosoft has provided not only timing but also the hardware and software for the ID control, 2nd boat control and also but not least, restaurant access barcode solution, requested by OC.

We hope to come back to Szeged in 2024 for the European Championships.