Atos 2023

Memosoft has been preparing the 2023 season and there are a lot of news and confirmations for the new season.

The big news goes with the sign contract with one of the biggest companies in the results providing market, ATOS, who hired memosoft, the official European Canoe Association Timing and scoring official provider, to manage the 2023 Canoe Sprint European games in Krakow.

The 2023 season promises to big, long and challenging, once again, and we can announce we will be, for the first time, in Szeged, the capital of Canoeing in the world, as official timing & scoring provider at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup I. 

Other events are already being closed, and the months of May to November promise to be very interesting.

As we always do, new developments are underway, so please standby for news in the next weeks.